20 reasons to like pie!

pie is good.pie helps you pass test.pie helps you stop seeing monkeys in youre toilet.pie matches with any outlfit.you can throw pie.every time you eat pie a person hugs b0b.every time you lick pie a monkey will stop chasing a pig.pie wont back talk to you when you eat it.pie cant fly away and stop you from eating pie.pie makes a great toilet seat.pie helps palm trees sing.pie helps gorrillas poop.pie helped albert einstein.pie loves pie.pie will help bears say there abcs.you can attack justin bieber with pie.pie hates lava lamps.pie loves penguins.the mona lisa loves pie.pie knows howw to skate board.pie has a pet named steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. pie loves gummy bears.pie says wacka.pie says pie.