I’m ready..Depression….

hi guys im in a depressed mood because our hits were really goin up like over 50 a day but the past 2 days we only got like 4 veiws and 6 views…i really thought our blog was getting more popular but I guess that was a short-period of time thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if we stopped using the site again….I mean whats the use? were not getting many views anyway. I guess I should stop talking, my posts don’t attract views anyway but I guess I’m just sayin goodbye if we stop.

I SOLVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! THE WORLD DOSE KNOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!

waffle here,

anyways considering i have no life i decided to answer the question the world has beens asking since the dawn of time,

how many lick dose it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

326 yep now the world shall no it took me about 5 hours to do so i only suggest you do this if you have no soicial life and r extremly bored.on my first attempted i ate it and didnt get to finish it so i had tried again.the only thing that sucks now is that i will never eat another tootsie pop again EVER im so sick of the taste i just ugghh just…no just wrighting this makes me sick now that the world question has been answerd nowwe only have another question to solve,what came first the chicken or the egg?


hey hey hey I just wanna say that if you wanna chat with me or any of the other splash face members i am going to be on wednesday at 3:00 to idk whenever I don’t know if the other members will be there i will ask them to come but i WILL be there so please i dont wanna show up on wednesday without anyone there that makes me sad i wanna talk to you people:(((( soo preeeettyyyy pretty please come its not like im famous its not really good for you but its good for me because I LOVE MY LOVELY FANS MY LOVELIES. so yeah please come i’ll try to get the other members there but we all know im the best (lol jk) so finally i dont wanna say this but BYE


Time To Chat.

k so over there ——————————>

theres a chat click on it and put yur fb (facebook) on it and chat with everyone thats on our site yeah i know boring updatebut ya know youl get alot of these itz under maintess anyway sooo who CARES 😛

Facebook page

Hey guys I just made a facebook page for us and it would help out if you liked us. I know we should have over like, 5 likes because we have 900 something views so SOME of you guys have to go on often so if you wanna like us on facebook you can go on facebook and search Splash Face Girls or scroll down on the sidebar there is a like box you can just like it from there:) thanks so much love you all, bye:))))