About Us!!

Sup sup sup! This is the Splash Face Girls blog, and the chics who run this blog r named




and Kloe.

Were just crazy chics who like to have fun! (Yes, we are super crazy!)

All you really need to know is some of the basic stuff.

Name Age

Heather 11 USA

Claudia 11 USA

roziela [This information is classified!!]

Kloe 11 USA

So now that you know about us, you should know about the site. We actually had this site before, but we had it deleted because of some friendsship problems, but now we are all friends again and the site has been re-made. On the splash face girls, we don’t really write about certain paticular things, we just write random stuff about what has happened to us or maybe post pics or vids of things we like or think are funny, so there’s no telling what we’ll blog about next! If you have anything you want to say to us, any suggestions of any sort, go to the Contact Us page and E-mail whichever one of us you like! We all love fan mail, so even if you don’t have a suggestion, feel free to contact us at any time! Roziela feels her personal information not be shown to you all, we trust you, but she doesn’t want to take any risks, so please respect that her information be kept safe to herself. Thanks for visiting the Splash Face Girls!!



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