One dose not simpley Get veiwers

ehhh i felt likeĀ  writing a post but have no idea what 2 do :/



hey hey hey I just wanna say that if you wanna chat with me or any of the other splash face members i am going to be on wednesday at 3:00 to idk whenever I don’t know if the other members will be there i will ask them to come but i WILL be there so please i dont wanna show up on wednesday without anyone there that makes me sad i wanna talk to you people:(((( soo preeeettyyyy pretty please come its not like im famous its not really good for you but its good for me because I LOVE MY LOVELY FANS MY LOVELIES. so yeah please come i’ll try to get the other members there but we all know im the best (lol jk) so finally i dont wanna say this but BYE


Facebook page

Hey guys I just made a facebook page for us and it would help out if you liked us. I know we should have over like, 5 likes because we have 900 something views so SOME of you guys have to go on often so if you wanna like us on facebook you can go on facebook and search Splash Face Girls or scroll down on the sidebar there is a like box you can just like it from there:) thanks so much love you all, bye:))))



20 thingz that r creeepppyyyy

  • lava lampz
  • bananas
  • potatoes
  • babies
  • yellow snow
  • purple clouds
  • annoying oranges
  • grass
  • orange fish
  • unicorns
  • football teamz
  • the letter Z
  • candles
  • cyclopz
  • bunnyz
  • post-it notez
  • strangerz
  • legos
  • speakerz
  • watermelonz

and there you have it. 20 creeeepppyyyyy thingz