I’m ready..Depression….

hi guys im in a depressed mood because our hits were really goin up like over 50 a day but the past 2 days we only got like 4 veiws and 6 views…i really thought our blog was getting more popular but I guess that was a short-period of time thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if we stopped using the site again….I mean whats the use? were not getting many views anyway. I guess I should stop talking, my posts don’t attract views anyway but I guess I’m just sayin goodbye if we stop.

Time To Chat.

k so over there ——————————>

theres a chat click on it and put yur fb (facebook) on it and chat with everyone thats on our site yeah i know boring updatebut ya know youl get alot of these itz under maintess anyway sooo who CARES 😛

Heather with….eh, info

Hey its Heathaa and I’m her to just tell you IM SORRY. IM SORRY FOR NOT POSTING. IM SORRY FOR ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS I’VE DONE TO YOU POOR PEOPLE. I REALLY AM. And I promise we are going to start posting again i guess we just forgot about it or something idk but I also want to thank you for sticking with us and thank you so much to those people who have been giving us nice comments it really helps us. I want to thank personally Kimberly Dawn, Sammy Mcrein and Meerkat Kit for their amazing comments they really keep us moving. I also want to say that were going to be putting this site under maintenance so we can do some major updates for all of our OH-MAZING fans ( its a surprise, we know you love it 😉 ) I would tell you what were gunna do but thats an extreme SECRET but I will tell you were gunna be deleting all our corny stuff from 3rd grade and adding some better stuff. Once again I love you all, tell you friends and PEACE


wuzup i’m in school again and i’m gonna tell u something that u have 2 remember. I HATE SCHOOL!!! SCHOOL IZ A PLACE 4 ADULTZ 2 FORCE KIDZ WUT 2 DO, AND IT SUKZ!! IF U AGREE, PLEASE COMMENT SO WE CAN START A PETITION 2 PUT A STOP 2 PENATRATING SCHOOL!!!!!





yo waz up heather is ……

k so it waz like a friday morning and i just called heather and she well sounded drunk….she had the spekers blasting out ,her sceaming to death with her sis!!…….sooooo i got the computer and turned on run devil run by kesha and decide to join her ….so i started runing around the house sceaming with the song blasting ……and seconds later heather fell asleep….and that wazthe time heather got drunk:P