cre8 with claudia

sup claudia here this blog will show you how to do the most amazing cool crafts

our first crafts is a dimound necklace:

  • you will need
  • polimyer clay
  • gillter
  • sphere chain necklace
  1. first make the shape of the dimound with clay looks awsome with black.
  2. put it in the oven to bake
  3. next sprinkle glitter on the dimound.
  4. make sure theres a whole to put the chain in.
  5. put the chain in and youre done.

heres a template to make the dimound 

  1. this is how u can make a locker and put cool things in it!
  2. what u need:shoebox with lid,double sided tape or glue,and  any color paper.
  3. what u need to do:first get shoebox put tape on side ,next put tape around shoebox ,then put colored paper on shoebox , finilly DECORATE It !!!!!!

  • todays topic is how to make a play computer!!:)
  • muterials:impty movie case ,colored paper,glue.
  • 1st putglue on colored paper ,next open movie case and glue colored paperon top and bottom. make keyboard
  • u got a computer peeps:)
  • also if you want here are some compu screens heres the template.
  • to make the screens bigger copy and paste and put in on whatever typing program u have.

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