k look im realy soryy we r terrible people we havent updated in like idk YEARS!!!im sorry if you lost intrest i wouldnt blame checking this blog for like a long time and never seeing anything new.we will probably be working on the site alot more like taking down stuff adding stuff etc.i will be probably taking down my poptropica page becuz well im not intrested in the game anymore like i said its been a long time and weve changed but the continueation of this blog will surely continue maybe…. ill have a talk to the fellow people who work here also idk if i can be in vids cuz of school,parents dont realy want to show me on ytube so idk anyways tell all of your friends to comeback and stuff so like yeah
~roziela (ps. i have also changed my name to waffle)


3 comments on “excuses,excuses

  1. Hey I recently discovers this bog and it was sad that you guys left cuz it looked liked yhu guys would be very well website designers or something me and my friend Stephanie thought you guys were adorable little ten year old that know how to do all this is amazing (yeah I c yhu guys grown now) I hope you continue soon

  2. You guy’s seem cool, but what up with not posting anything? You guy’s seem like you can do all these amazing things. Please go back to actually using the sight. 😉

  3. Thank you so so so so much really thats great to hear from our fans because we don’t have many. I know that some of our stuff is corny and were really going to fix that we are probobly going to put this site under maintence to surpise you guys ( 😉 we know you love it) and yeah thanks so much for that we love when people compliment us it makes us have better confidence and do you mind doing us a favor? Please tell your friends about us we’d really appreciate it A LOT we love our fans and we love you!

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