Since You Been Gone by A Day To Remeber

okay have any of u heard of Since u been gone by kelly clarkson? well, one of my fav hard rock/metal bandz is a day to remember and they did a rock re-make of since you been gone. check it out


7 comments on “Since You Been Gone by A Day To Remeber

  1. I found you guys on the recently updated page on this websiten and but imthink you hav some mad blogging skills XD keep it up yhu guys will probably do good just get rid of some corney stuff here and there and your good 🙂

    • Thanks your really awesome.We love hearing that from our fans because we don’t have many but the ones we have we love every single one of them. It would really help us if you told some of you friends about our site because we really need more veiws. Thanks! We made this blog in third grade and we getting ready to do some major updates and your right about the corny part we’ll fix that and i guarantee this blog will be 100x better!

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