Yo wuzup okay so today at school me, Roziela, claudia and kloe and a few other friendz who wanted 2 help out were writing post-it notes and going up to people, sticking it on their backs, arms, face, legs, wherever, and saying “Stick!” and running away. I just went up to people and gave it to them and said “Here hold this!”  “Can you hold this for me? Thanks, bye!”  “REEEEAAAADDDDD NOW.” and crap like dat. I also make a sign that said The Splash Face Girls!!! Check out our awesome website at   It’s got vids, pics, music, polls and just random funny stuff that will totally make you LOL.   Claudia held that up above her head and I said “LOOK AT THIS SIGN THAT THIS RANDOM PERSON IS HOLDING AND READ IT. READ THE SIGN YOUNG PUPILS, READ IT NOOOOWWWWW!!!” And we actually got some people to ask for the link. So, now, if you go to our school, you definitely know who we are. Now you know how we advertise. Yes, very weird people we are but thats just the way we roll.

And ALWAYS remember, do not forget this, ALWAYS REMEMBER

Lava lampz r the enemy!!!! The world shall only end in 2012 because there shall be a war between human, and lava lamp. PREPARE URSELF AND BUY LAVA LAMP-KILLING GUNS!!!


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