random roseah

okay i have anther evan BIGGER question then the whole chicken or the egg story.*dim the lights* okay HOW MANY LICKS DOSE IT TAKE TO GET TO THE CENTER OF A TOOTSIE POP!!!!!!! ive only got to 1,000 after that i gave up!so im wondering if YOU can find out.

bob:dose that mean i get to keep my lava lamp

me:uggh sure

okay so rember find out beacause i wanna know!if you do i will mention you in one of youre post!

bob:well thats funny i dont rember sewing my head to the carpet.

me:umm okay good luck with that any ways how did u evean get here

bob:sniffing jackets is a horrible habit

me:huh anyways whats in your hand


me:  (takes soap from bobs hand) well wqhy is there bacon inside the soap?

bob:when you travel the contry u tend to loose things here and there!

me:i will never under stand you bob

bob:i like to wright about toads.

me:well im going before you say anything else (walks away)

bob:ive never thought about my kidney before.


3 comments on “random roseah

  1. Okay I got 2,783 so what did everyone else get?
    I’m serious I actually did it. I made a tally chart and ate a tootsie pop. It took many hourz. And guess what? MY BLUE LAVA LAMP AND PINK AND ORANGE LAVA LAMP WERE STARING AT ME THE WHOLE TIME! IT WAZ CREEPY CUZ THEY JUST SAT THERE AND DID NOTHING BUT STARE RIGHT INTO MY EYEZ!

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