This weeks topic: What would u do wit one hundred dollars?

Okay so if for some random reason you found or had one hundred dollars, what would you do with it. First of all you’d need to watch out for me because if I saw one hundred dollars in your hands by the time you say GIVE THAT BACK I’d be running with a hundred dollar bill in my handz down to the mall.

Okay here’s what I’d do with it

I grab the hundred buckz, look around for the nearest shopping mall and take off to the punk rock store.

What would you do with a hundred dollars (if it hadn’t been tasken by me) ? Comment on this post and tell us what you’d do with 100$. Also, if you want to, you can give us some suggestions on next weekz topic.




Oh wait don’t do that just go steal a panda’s taco and STOP ASKING ME CONFUSING QUESTIONZ!!!


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