the chicken or the egg

or so this question has swirled the world in confusement. what came first the chicken or the egg?i think its the chicken but yet again it could be the egg 0_0 OMG GAWD NEWS JUST IN U BETTER WATCH OUT THE SQUIRLES MIGHT COME TO URE HOUSE AND ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!     oh look a penny. SILLY BANDS!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGAWD ITS FRED THE TALKING LAVA LAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 well bye


2 comments on “the chicken or the egg

  1. Yeah it is really confusing because well I kinda think it was the egg, cause a chicken has 2 come out of an egg, but then again, da chicken has got to lay the egg. So maybe God made the chicken, or maybe God made the egg. Only God knows!! 🙂

  2. Okay so I thought about some reasons of why the Egg could be it, and why the Chicken could be it.

    The Egg!
    * The egg, dinosaurs were laying them far before the chicken’s existence.
    * The answer is the egg! For an animal to change, its genetics would have to change also and this is impossible. Therefore the change would have to take place as an embryo or egg. So the first chicken was most likely spawned in prehistoric times as an embryo/egg. Concluding that the first living organism had to come from the form of an egg or embryo.
    * The egg would have come first laid from another animal when it was hatched it was that animal but had to move its habitat so it had to adjust and became the chicken.
    * Theoretically, the egg must come first. A chicken is conceived and born in an egg; therefore, without the egg the chicken could not have been either conceived or born, it may be that the egg was the product of two different species accidentally mating to conceive the egg that contained the first, “chicken” as we know it. the egg came first, think about it logically, instead of trying to question it, there is no other logical/practical conclusion.
    * The egg came first. Two animals who really liked each other and were not the same breed, mated and the female laid an egg and it came out a chicken. They didn’t know what to call it so they just named it chicken. Therefore the chicken is a crossbreed. I don’t know what between though.
    * The egg came first. Dinosaurs laid eggs for millions of years before chickens were present on Earth.
    * The egg came first because other animals came before the chicken that had eggs of some kind. One kind are the fish in the seas; fish lay eggs. Another are snakes; snakes also lay eggs.
    * A chicken could not have its genetic material altered during life, so the egg must have evolved and been first.
    * If you take into account the doctrine of evolution, the egg’s coming first becomes plausible on the cellular level under perfect circumstances (abundant food and resources). There will be an asexual reproduction once the environment becomes unfavorable. The species would then evolve, and a lot of animals have no parental instincts but through evolution some have started to look after their young.
    * The egg came first because the chicken descended from a dinosaur, and it laid an egg that was changed from Darwin’s theory.
    * The egg came first because a chicken comes from an egg. At whatever point you decide to call the chicken a true chicken, it must have come from an egg. Because the different species before it must have evolved to make a chicken, the egg came first.
    * The egg comes first because a bird a long long time ago evolving into a chicken lays an egg which hatches into a chicken.
    * An egg comes first, because dinosaurs laid eggs, and chickens didnt exist at that time.

    The Chicken!
    * Using literature, the chicken comes first.
    * Using grammar, “the chicken” comes first in the sentence (They come before the words, “the egg.”)
    * In a dictionary, the word “chicken” comes before “egg.”
    * The answer is the chicken: God created all the animals and not all the eggs. It’s easy because for those that believe in Him God made animals not eggs. The chicken because God wouldn’t just put a egg on the earth and even if he did nothing would warm the egg for it to hatch.
    * The chicken… it had to be. Creatures in the sea evolved and they didn’t evolve into eggs now, did they?
    * The chicken. It has to be around to lay the egg.
    * In the seven days that God created the earth, it makes no mention of animals’ eggs. Thus, the chicken came first.
    * I say that the chicken came first because the chicken was made before the egg because God made all the animals first and birds and etc….. so the chicken came first before the egg, the eggs came when a male(rooster) and a female chicken repopulate with each other.
    * The chicken came first because, if the chicken didn’t come first, there would be no egg or care for it. So, God had to make the chicken first.
    * If you are an evolutionist, you probably think that the chicken evolved from a dinosaur or something. But the chicken came first; if you think about it, how was the chicken alive before the egg.

    So there U have it. It could be either one.

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