Heather’s Page!!!!

Hey!! So sup! I made my own page for me 2 write wateva I want 2 about me. Roziela, Claudia and Kloe may or may not make their own page, it’s up to them. Imma let them create their page if they want to and they’ll write wateva they want. In the meantime, send us some fan-mail! We love to hear what you have to say about us, whether it’s good news or bad news! If you have a suggestion of what we should post about or a page suggestion or just have some feedback, E-mail us and we WILL write back! If you write something that REALLY catches our interest, we may have a LOOONNNNGGG conversation with you! Wateva u wanna say to us, don’t be shy, just say it! We don’t only LIKE fan-mail, WE BEG 4 IT!  It would be an honer to speak 2 one of our fans! g2g, PEACE OUT!!!


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